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Testimonials & Reviews

A selection of genuine, unsolicited comments from satisfied customers.

Mastering Motors

Hi Andrew, I ordered a few guides from you, and I have really enjoyed reading them. Reading a well organized and thought out presentation is so much more enjoyable than searching for bits and pieces of information over the internet.
Tony N., Tennessee, USA.

This series of guides is awesome! As a previous customer of Gibbs Guides I knew the quality and value for money would be outstanding. Even so, I am amazed - you have really excelled yourself this time, Andrew!
David Johnson, AZ, USA.

A high quality guide that’s a definite must-have for any electric modeller. I am recommending this guide to all my modelling friends.
Chris Williams, Wolverhampton, UK.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this guide and have learned so much from it.
Bruce Smith, Chichester, UK.


More Than Motors

I wish your books had been available when I started electric modeling in 2003. Your excellent power systems guides have filled in many gaps in my knowledge.
Peter Whittle, Canada.

I am part way through reading the second of your guides and I have to write and tell you its as good as the first one. I honestly never felt I would understand electrics, yet you make it seem so easy even for an older modeller like me.
Patrick Goodhew

Andrew, your Electric Power System series has opened many doors for me - at last I now understand what motors are all about. Thank you for these incredible guides.
David Wilkinson, Portsmouth, UK.


Power System Solutions

I think that your tome will be of infinite value to all in our hobby and especially to new recruits.
Chris Golds, UK.

This guide has been very helpful indeed in helping me to choose a power system for my latest model. All my questions about the ESC, motor, battery, propeller, wiring etc were answered. I showed your guide to my local model shop and I had a hard time getting it back from them!
Derek Smith, Perth, Australia.

An outstandingly useful guide. It should cost a lot more than you are asking.
Gordon Weiss, CA, USA

Your guides are the best investment I ever spent on modelling. Unbelievably good. .... these guides are superb.
Patrick Wood, Devon, UK.

LiPo batteries

"... your book (on lithium batteries) saved my flat from certain destruction!"
LS, London

"Your guides have been invaluable. They are written in easy to read style and enabled me to better understand a complex subject"
David Fuller, Yorkshire

“The guide is filled with really clear advice on saying safe with lipo batteries. Just what a newcomer to electric flight like me needs”
PR, Sussex

Hydride and Nicad Batteries

“This useful little booklet tells you literally everything you need to know about these cells including characteristics, charging/discharging, checking and testing, maintenance and choice of appropriate connectors and their application”
Quiet & Electric Flight International magazine

If you’re currently struggling with some of the more complicated aspects of electric flight in all forms, particularly that of battery technology, then this new publication from Andrew Gibbs promises to be a real help as it’ll teach you everything you need to know about NiCad and NiMH cells.
Radio Control Models & Electronics magazine

“I found it an excellent read with loads of information all packed in an easy to consume form that tasted distinctly of flying – after all, he is a full size flyer as well as a modeller”
Chris Golds, Q&EFI magazine

"Please send me a copy of your book 'Guide to Lithium batteries', if it gives me as much knowledge as your guide to nicad and hydride batteries I shall be well pleased"
JG, Leicester

“This guide should be on the bookshelf or in the workshop of everyone who uses Nickel Cadmium or Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries!”
Model Boats magazine

“This little book is highly recommended for all model flyers who use these universally used, but little understood cells”
Radio Control Model Flyer magazine

“Thanks for writing this most useful publication. I think it’s essential for understanding how to keep the batteries in my radio gear working safely”
LB, Exeter

“Hi Andrew, Just like to thank you for writing such easy to follow guides. Especially the one on testing nicads. Having tested a reciever battery as per your guide found it faulty,before flying the aircraft. Therefore saving the aircraft and better still not putting anything or anybody in danger. Regards, Brian.”
Brian, United Kingdom


Lead Acid Batteries

“At last I now understand why I keep having to replace my flight box battery. Now I know how to look after if properly I’m confident the new one will last for years”
PW, Scotland

“A marvellous guide. Thanks a lot”
GT, Hertfordshire

Super Nova

“The guide is very clearly written and easy to understand”
Flying models magazine, USA

"Thank you for the prompt supply of your book for the Super Nova charger. In the short time I have had the book it has proved to be very helpful and now I have recharged/cycled all my batteries without any problems. The flow chart is excellent and navigating through the programmes I want is now a piece of cake"
DN, Kent

“All in all, this is the Super Nova manual that model flyers have been crying out for! It's well written and it guides you easily through each function in an simple to understand way….. Recommended!”

Mercury EX

“Brilliant! Your guide makes it really easy to use. So much better than the leaflet that came with the charger”
AW, Devon

"I have two of your earlier books, those on nicads and hydrides and the mercury EX charger. The latter one I found particularly useful as I now understand the full capability of my charger"
FT, Suffolk

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