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The Gibbs Guide to Nickel Metal Hydride & Nickel Cadmium Batteries for RC Modelers

Gibbs Guide to Hydride and Nicad Batteries

Guide to Nickel Metal Hydride and Nickel Cadmium Batteries
Hydride batteries are widely used in transmitters and as receiver batteries, and the safety of the model depends on the batteries used to power them. Are you certain about the condition of your batteries and their capacity and charge holding ability? If your batteries are sub-standard, the safety of your model could be in doubt.

This extensively revised and expanded e-book is packed with top quality information about both battery types. The guide leads you step-by-step through all aspects of the use of these batteries.

This guide will show you how to check that your batteries are in good order, and if not, how to identify a battery that needs replacing. Investing in this guide could easily save you much more than its modest purchase price.

Chapter contents and descriptions:
1: Battery Basics
2: Joining Cells in Series and Parallel
3: Battery Characteristics
4: Introduction to Nickel-Based Batteries
5: Safety Precautions
6: Charging Batteries
7: Discharging Batteries
8: Inside Cells
9: Memory Effect & Voltage Depression
10: Transmitter and Receiver Batteries
11: Battery Checking and Testing
12: Black wire Corrosion
13: Safety-Critical Battery Replacement
14: Battery Maintainance
15: SlowCharge Calculators
16: FastCharge Calculators
Appendix 1: Top Tips
Appendix 2: Battery Test Report Form

What other modellers say about this guide:

This publication has been really useful to me as it probably prevented me from losing my favourite model airplane. Thanks.
Dave Jones, Milwaukee.

An excellent guide, well up to the usual Gibbs Guides standard. I liked the useful section about electrics at the beginning.
DP, Cambridge, MA.

Thanks, I learned a lot. I have the full set of your guides and each one has been a mine of great information, clearly laid out.
JR , Sussex, UK.


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GG08 Guide to Hydride & Nicad Batteries - e-Book £8.95
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Note for overseas customers:
Recent falls in the value of the British Pound make these superb PDF guides very good value indeed. GBP £8.95 approximates to USD 11.00 / CAN 14.80 / EUR 10.50 / AUD 15.25 / NZD 16.00

Terms and conditions of sale

This operating guide has been produced to supplement the factory-supplied instructions for Lipo batteries. All possible care has been taken with the guide; nevertheless, customers use it and the information within at their own risk and absolve the author of any liability whatsoever in respect of personal injury, damage to property or any other kind of accident in connection with this guide. By ordering this guide, you indicate that you accept these terms.
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