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Gibbs Guide to Electric Power Systems


RC model electric power system guide

Part 3 - Power System Solutions

This substantial e-book consists of 78 pages packed with solid, high quality content and is an extremely useful work of reference for power system solutions.

The heart of Power System Solutions is a superb set of a hundred quick reference electric power system tables. These tables detail power systems between 100 and 1,000 Watts which allow you to quickly and effortlessly choose a suitable electric power system for your model.

Power System Solutions also discusses the practical aspects of selecting and installing power system components. Guidance is given about how to safely test a new power system, how to avoid damaging power system components and much more. This guide will help you to avoid expensive mistakes and save you time, money and effort. Get your copy now!

Click here to read more about this guide & see an example of a power system table

Part Number Description Price Qty
GG06 EPS Series: Power System Solutions - e-book £9.95
  Please note this is an e-book, NOT a paper book!  

Note for overseas customers:
Recent falls in the value of the British Pound make these superb PDF guides very good value indeed. GBP £9.95 approximates to USD 12.25 / CAN 16.50 / EUR 11.70 / AUD 17.00 / NZD 17.75

Terms and conditions of sale

This guide has been produced to supplement the factory-supplied instructions for power system components such as motors, ESCs, propellers and Lipo batteries. All possible care has been taken with the guide; nevertheless, customers use it and the information within at their own risk and absolve the author of any liability whatsoever in respect of personal injury, damage to property or any other kind of accident in connection with this guide. By ordering this guide, you indicate that you accept these terms.
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