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Electric Ducted Fan Power Systems

EDF power system ebook

Electric Ducted Fan Power Systems
Electric Ducted Fan Power Systems is a new and valuable resource for EDF modelers at all levels. This guide give you access to a wealth of top quality EDF information. The uniquely clear style of writing simplifies this complex subject and makes it easy for you to understand. Each guide is packed full of techniques and technical know-how, yet needs no maths to understand.

Carefully crafted explanations are complimented by superb photographs, each with an informative caption. Together, these make your learning quick, easy and enjoyable. Before release, the guide was reviewed by experts, making sure of top quality and accuracy.

The author has been building electric power models of all types since 1978. Each guide draws on this massive depth of experience and is the result of thousands of hours of patient attention to detail. When you invest in these guides, you get access to this experience, and also benefit from the hundreds of hours of work it took to create them.

Chapter contents and descriptions:
1: Introduction to EDF models
2: EDF Efficiency and Power Loading
3: Fans and Motors for EDF Models
4: Batteries for EDF Models
5: ESCs for EDF Models
6: How to Choose an EDF Power System
7: Basics of EDF Ducting
8: Installation and Testing
9: EDF Power System Safety

What other modelers say about this guide:

Andrew, this is a really useful guide that answered all my questions and more. Your guides are awsome. Thank you.
Wayne Black, TN, USA.

This useful publication is exactly what I was looking for.
David McCarthy, Torquay, UK.

What is an e-book?
An e-book is simply a book in digital form that you can download directly to your computer. You can then read your guide on your screen.

Every Gibbs Guides e-book is supplied as a pdf file. To read them, you will need the Adobe Reader© This is easy to install and is free.

When you choose this e-book, you can be learning from it in just a few minutes from now – there’s no waiting for the post to arrive! The main benefits of the e-book are:

a) You’ll be able to access this top quality information instantly
b) With no printing and shipping costs, Gibbs Guides is able to pass on a significant saving to you – so the e-book is very good value for money.
c) You can print a copy for your own use.


Part Number Description Price Qty
GG09 EPS Series: EDF Power Systems - e-book £8.95
  Please note this is an e-book, NOT a paper book!  

Note for overseas customers:
Recent falls in the value of the British Pound make these superb PDF guides very good value indeed. GBP £8.95 approximates to USD 11.00 / CAN 14.80 / EUR 10.50 / AUD 15.25 / NZD 16.00

Terms and conditions of sale

This guide has been produced to supplement the factory-supplied instructions for power system components such as motors, ESCs, propellers and Lipo batteries. All possible care has been taken with the guide; nevertheless, customers use it and the information within at their own risk and absolve the author of any liability whatsoever in respect of personal injury, damage to property or any other kind of accident in connection with this guide. By ordering this guide, you indicate that you accept these terms.


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