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Electric Ducted Fan Design Handbook


Guide to EDF ducting


The EDF Ducted Fan Design Handbook will provide you with an excellent grounding in the duct design principles necessary for your EDF model to make the most of the power of your fan unit.

The EDF Ducted Fan Design Handbook covers all aspects of EDF ducting; inlet lips, inlet ducting, exhaust ducting and much more. If you need to know about EDF duct design, this guide is for you.

If you have an EDF model with plenty of power, but inadequate performance, this guide will have the answers you need. It'll also be invaluable if you're designing a new model or if you simply seek a greater understanding of this fascinating and little appreciated aspect of EDF model design.

This unique publication willl help you to avoid duct design mistakes, saving you time, money and effort. Get your copy now!

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GG10 EDF Duct Design Handbook - e-book £8.95
  Please note this is an e-book, NOT a paper book!  

Note for overseas customers:
GBP £8.95 is very close to USD 13.25 / CAN 16.60 / EUR 12.10 / AUD 17.40 / NZD 17.50

Terms and conditions of sale

This guide has been produced to supplement the factory-supplied instructions for power system components such as motors, ESCs, propellers and Lipo batteries. All possible care has been taken with the guide; nevertheless, customers use it and the information within at their own risk and absolve the author of any liability whatsoever in respect of personal injury, damage to property or any other kind of accident in connection with this guide. By ordering this guide, you indicate that you accept these terms.
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