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Schulze isl 6-330d Chamäleon Charger Guide


guide to EDF models


Having difficulty understanding your Chamäleon charger? ..… Then this user-friendly guide is the answer to your prayers! Written in response to many requests for help, this guide covers all aspects of the charger’s set-up, adjustment and operation. It will help you to quickly and easily learn how to program and use your charger.

With its numerous clear diagrams and many carefully explained examples, this guide makes navigating through the charger's menu system very straightforward. Not only does the guide cover how to use the charger, it also includes learning tips and, techniques. The testing team all reported that their experience of using their charger was completely transformed by having this simple to use guide at their side.

The Gibbs Guide to the Schulze Chamäleon isl 6-330d is available only as an e-book. You’ll find the information in this e-book clearly laid out and easy to read and digest.

Summary of contents:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Safety precautions
Chapter 3: Power supplies
Chapter 4: Charging leads
Chapter 5: Connecting to power
Chapter 6: Setting up Battery 1 output
Chapter 7: Using Battery 1 output
Chapter 8: The Additional Information Menu
Chapter 9: Setting up Battery 2 output
Chapter 10: Charging using Battery 2 output
Chapter 11: Error messages
Chapter 12: Adjusting the charger’s characteristics


Part Number Description Price Qty
GG01 Chamäleon Charger Guide - e-book £8.95
  Please note this is an e-book, NOT a paper book!  

GBP £8.95 is very close to USD 12.00 / CAN 12.70 / EUR 9.25 / AUD 13.20 / NZD 15.50

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